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In addition to performing, I am incredibly passionate about educational theater. I believe it is vital for young students to have opportunities to express themselves through performance and storytelling. Theater creates a foundation in public speaking, ignites and challenges the imagination, fosters team building, and inspires empathy. I am constantly creating new curriculums that cater to the school or program I am collaborating with.  I work with all ages in a variety of different formats.


Create Your Own Play

Musical Direction

Playwriting/Text Analysis

Custom Curriculum


Create Your Own Play!

Catered to Elementary Students

Grades 3-6

Emphasizes Full Ownership of the Theatrical Process

Students Learn To:

Create Characters

Write Scenes and Monologues

Design Costumes

Paint Sets


A final performance for parents and teachers that incorporates all of the student creativity. 

Minimum of 4 weeks

Musical Direction

Catered to Middle School 6th-8th Grades + High School 

An opportunity. for students to be a part of a professional level musical or straight play.

Students Learn:

How to Audition

About Basic Stage Presence

to Become a Character


How to Perform in a Musical

What I Accomplish as Director:

Direct/Conceptualize the Show

Cast the show

Teach Students how to Audition

Design/Sew Costumes

Create and Design Props

Design and Create the Set


Organize Parent Volunteers

Create Publicity

Organize Ticket Sales

Design Posters

T-Shirt Designs


Playwriting/Text Analysis

Catered to High School or Adult Classes

Emphasizes the intellectual, research, and writing portion of theater arts.

Possible Topics:

Intro to Shakespeare

Play Structure

Character Creation + Physicality

Text Analysis

Script Reading + Analysis 

Custom Curriculum

If you have a specific program or idea for curriculum, please feel free to reach out. I am an advocate of incorporating theater studies into any program or curriculum and I believe that an understanding of theater strengthens all other areas of learning. 

Possible Programs to Collaborate with:

School English Classes

Shakespeare Class

Theater/Acting Programs

After School Theater Programs

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Most Recent Work

  • Directed/Conceptualized​/Designed Matilda the Musical Junior at Steamboat Springs Middle School, October 2021

  • Taught text analysis, script writing, character development and Shakespeare at a 3 week high school masterclass, September 2021

  • Lead a "Create Your Own Play" at the Steamboat Montessori School as an after school program, October 2021

  • Substitute Teaching at The College School in St. Louis, November 2021


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