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Mix of Stickers

Mix of Stickers


Mix of Stickers

created by Vivienne Claire Luthin


In need of some stickers? Look no further! Pick and choose from your favorite Vivienne Claire Luthin artpieces to order a page of stickers.  This package includes a page of  2" round stickers. Each page includes 20 stickers.  


How to:

1. Check out the sticker options in the photos attached.

2. Find the numbers associated with the pieces you would like to include on your page of stickers!  

3. Write down the numbers of the 20 stickers you would like in the box with commas in between each number. Example: 1,7,12,15,45,60..etc. You must submit 20 numbers.  To order multiples of a certain design, submit the number multilpe times.  Example: 1,1,1,4,8,10,10..etc.

© VivienneClaireLuthin
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