A Local's Secret

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 art that depicts your favorite places

A Local's Secret was the name of a project I started at the beginning of quarantine.  A way to use art to celebrate the places that are special to me.  Over the years, many places have become familiar, but my hometown Sebastopol, California has a special place in my heart.  


Everyone is a local somewhere.

Where are your local secrets? What places have a special place in your memories? Comment below and when I am able to create a piece of artwork that represents your place, I will email you! My goal is to fill this map with Local Secrets from across the country. Next time you go on a road trip or travel, check out the Local Secrets that have been documented in that state/area.

Your Local Secret

Thanks for submitting!I will let you know when your piece has been created.

My Local Secret

Click the titles below to go to some of my favorite Local Secrets.  These secrets have a special place in my heart! 

Your Local Secrets

Based on submissions made above, here are some Local Secrets from across the country! To have Your Local Secret created, submit above!